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Trunk or Treat Halloween

On Saturday, October 29th of this year, Auto Equity Loans welcomed Halloween by participating in a Trunk or Treat event in Raymond, NH. The night was cool and cloudy, but thankfully our spot at the event was next to the warm apple cider table! Families from central New Hampshire came to the local event and viewed Halloween decorations in trunks of cars, while the children walked through the parking lot and collected treats from vendors! There was well over a thousand people in attendance, witches and ghosts included. We handed the kids treat bags with candy (of course), a promotional item from our business, and a flyer with our office location.  The Flyers caught the parent’s attention, as it’s not typically something you see for kids who don’t own vehicles.

Speaking with the parents, we found that so many people in our community don’t know how to get a title loan, so we took the opportunity to spread the word on just how easy it is. We offer quick cash loans to people who own their vehicle. The loans are so quick that our clients walk out of the office with a check in hand in less than an hour! Whether you apply in-store or online, one of our experienced loan officers will be able to assist you with any questions during every step. Regardless if you need the loan for days or months, we are happy to help with any unexpected expenses.

Most of our clients are amazed when they realize they can get loans without credit checks, especially since we have the lowest title loan interest rates available! We love being able to offer competitive rates and all around better title loans to our community. We know vehicles are essential to family living, so you’re able to keep your vehicle for the duration of the loan. Once your last payment is made, we return your title to you, it’s that simple!

That night we were ecstatic to receive such good feedback from the crowd at Trunk or Treat! The rest of the evening we saw trick or treaters playing around the parking lot and showing off their new AEL gear, including fun glow in the dark glasses and bracelets. Now that Halloween is behind us, I’m glad to have shined light on the option of title loans to families who may need the extra funds for Christmas this year!


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