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Can You Buyout My Loan From Another Lender?

At Auto Equity Loans, we strive on having the best customer service in the business, not to mention the best interest rates!

Buying out our competitor’s title loans is like buying lunch for a friend, it feels good to do something nice to help that someone out! Here at Auto Equity Loans, we love to get buyout inquiries because for us it a Guaranteed loan and here’s why… First and foremost, a majority of other lenders only offer interest-only loans. This means that years could go by and you still haven’t paid a dime to the principle of the loan. Secondly, other title lenders interest rates are sky high. They can almost be double of what Auto Equity Loans will offer you. Lastly, other lenders will convince you to do a loan for more than 2 years! Yea sure, your payments will be a little lower but remember hardly any of that goes to the principle of the loan. Not to mention, the longer the loan is, the more you’ll be paying back in interest. Auto Equity Loans will help you pick a shorter term so you can pay us off faster!

We absolutely love doing buyouts from other lenders because we know we can save the customer money, get them a lower interest rate, and make sure the payment is doable for them. Our saying here at Auto Equity Loans is YOU DESERVE BETTER! It’s all about the customer with us, we don’t want to see people stuck in a loan where they aren’t paying it down. There are some other lenders that don’t even tell the client how long the terms are. That’s because they know if they rack the interest rate up and don’t tell you how long your terms are, it’s their way of secretly fooling you into a loan that will never be paid off. Auto Equity Loans will be straightforward with you from beginning to end. We will beat any interest rate and you will know how long your loan will be for. Also, we have amortized payments; which means you will be paying not only interest, but some of your payment will be going to the principal. This is to make sure that by the end of your short-term title loan, you will be paid off. We love showing clients from other lenders that there is a better and easier way to pay off their loan!


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