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Why choose AEL over a traditional bank loan?

Have you been considering getting a loan, but you’re stuck between getting a traditional bank loan or a title loan? Let me help make the decision a little easier for you! Auto Equity Loans is the place for you! Getting a title loan has its perks versus a traditional bank loan. First, our process is super easy! You come in fill out an application, get the approval, and get your check, then you’re on your way.

With Auto Equity Loans you don’t have to worry about approval based off of your credit, because we don’t do credit checks! Bad credit? No problem! We totally understand life happens and we’re here to help. With a traditional loan, the bank runs your credit whether you get approved or not, and we all know how inquiries affect our credit.  When you come in to Auto Equity Loans, you just need to bring in your free and clear title, license, proof of income, proof of address and proof of insurance.

Still of the fence? Well with Auto Equity Loans, you don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re paying on a loan forever. We offer short term loans with the lowest interest rates out. We give you payments that work for you. With traditional bank loans, they will charge you extreme interest rates, with crazy high payments without regards to your other bills. Once you come in to our office with all your required documentation, you will sit down with one of our amazing loan officers, who will help you comprise a loan and terms that works best for you. We will allow you to pick your terms and carefully explain them to you, so that you know exactly what is what. With big banks, they will skim through your contract and only tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to know. Here at Auto Equity Loans we know that you deserve better, so we give you better.


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