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Is it easy to get a Title Loan? 

Yes, it absolutely is!  I am proud to be a part of this huge family at Auto Equity Loans. I am very dedicated to showing you how simple and easy it is to get a title loan from us. Here at Auto Equity Loans, we work directly with our clients to make sure everyone is as happy with their loan terms as we are. A few things we start with when doing a title loan is to make sure you have all of the right documents that you need to get a loan from us.

  • Do you have a Free and Clear title?

That means that there are no liens on the title from another company or still making payments on the vehicle to the car dealership. The title isn’t Salvaged or Reconstructed.

If yes, then we can move on to the next few documents’s, you need to bring in with you.

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Proof of your Income

Your proof of income is very important when getting a loan.  It will show us that you are able to make your payments every 30 days.

  • Proof of Address

This is what will show us that you are living at the same Address as your documents state.


Once we have all of those documents, we will begin the application process.  As you are filling out the application, we as Loan Officers are hard at work getting all of your vehicle’s information together while calculating how much we are able to lend based off of a few pictures of your vehicle.


Once we have all the information together, we can then give you a quote to see how much your monthly payment would be. Once the approval process and contract have been completed, we will hand you a check.  Auto Equity Loans has many offices in Delaware as well as Virginia, New Hampshire, and Arizona. So if you are looking to get a Title Loan, stop in to one of our offices or call to get a FREE quote today!


Call us first!  You’ll be glad you did!


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