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How Do I Get A Lower Payment For My Title Loan?

Is the interest killing you? Do you want to lower your terms? Well, it’s simple! At the time of your loan, you wanted to pick the fastest method to pay us back. But let’s be honest, not everyone can afford it. Now you are stuck paying high-interest payments and don’t know what to do! At Auto Equity Loans, we have many options to get you a lower payment once you have been a client with us after only a couple of months!

Here at Auto Equity Loans, we do everything we can to make the client happy, why?


Refinance – Are you tired of paying such a high payment? Here’s a solution for you! You can refinance your title loan to get a smaller payment. We can also extend your terms so you can have a payment that you can afford!

Changing Your Due Date – We can change your due date so you can make on-time payments and not have to worry about an additional interest that may accrue on your account! All you need to do is pay the interest balance! We do not even ask for a FULL minimum payment!

Partial Payments – Do you get paid bi-weekly? Is it hard for you to make your payments on top of keeping up with your other bills? Well simple, we accept partial payments! I know it seems too good to be true, but you can go ahead and make that partial payment so long as you make the remaining payment by your due date! That’s easy!

Prepayment – We have NO prepayment penalties! Yes, that’s right I said it! None at all! If you’re tired of that high payment you’ve been paying over the past 5 months and you get a nice chunk of money saved, go ahead put it down on your account! Paying us off faster is only better for you and you’re saving yourself a lot of extra interest.

Additional Funds – Once you make a couple payments on time, and we see that you are such a great client, we give the option to refinance for additional funds. You may also be able to get a lower interest rate! What does this mean? You must bring in updated information, registration, insurance, paystubs, etc. We will also need the vehicle and the interest balance. What does that mean? You only have to pay the interest that has accrued on the account since the last time you made your payment! You have the option of extending your terms, or even having them shortened!

The options are endless! See what Auto Equity Loans can do for you and your loan!


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